Cry-Baby Burlesque “Wanda Woodward” Act:

A provocative twist on John Waters’ Cry-Baby character, Wanda Woodward, “Beat It, Creep!” (Aerial-Burlesque)

“Mujer Divina” Act:

A unique classic number inspired by the classics of old Hollywood. (Aerial-Burlesque)

“Strange Face Of Love” Act:

A down and dirty routine with a touch of classic. (Aerial-Burlesque)

KCRW Special Feature:

Special Feature act for KCRW Presents: “Stay-In VaVOOM” 2020 PG-rated show. (Aerial-Burlesque)

“You’re Mine” Cupid Act:

A playful, modern approach on cupid with a classic feel. (Aerial-Burlesque)

“Fruit” Act:

An ode to John Willie’s “Bizarre” Magazine. (Burlesque) 

“Fièvre” Act:

A classic, yet energetic act with a modern approach and a Carmen Miranda feel. (Aerial-Burlesque)

“Figure It Out” Blindfold Tease Act:

A classic, yet energetic approach to fetish desires. (Aerial-Burlesque) 

“Blood In The Cut” Act

A fierce, playful and dynamic sassy approach to a darker shade of tease. (Aerial-Burlesque)

“Peek-A-Boop” Act:

A sassy ode to classic Betty Boop with a modern twist. (Aerial-Burlesque)

“Rocky” Act:

Inspired by the legendary “Rocky Horror Picture Show’s” creature of the night, “Rocky”. (Aerial-Burlesque)

“Selena” Act:

An upbeat tribute act dedicated to celebrating the life of Tejano Reina, Selena. (Burlesque)